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IP Office IP500 Trunk Card Universal PRI




Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 Features

  • Daughter board that installs on IP500 base card
  • Ports/Channels – 1 PRI trunk port. Connections via port 9 of the host IP500 base card.
  • Supports the following PRI modes:
    • T1 robbed bit (24B channels per port) T1 PRI (23B+D channels per port)
    • E1 PRI (30B+D channels per port)
    • E1R2 PRI (30B channels per port)
  • Initially supports 8 unlicensed B-channels
  • Additional channels are activated by IP500 Universal PRI licenses
  • Maximum – 4 per IP500 control unit


  • Compatible with Avaya IP500 Digital Station¬†8, IP500 Combination ATM, IP500 VCM¬†32/64, IP500 Analog Phone 2/8
  • Compatible with IP Office R4.1 or higher