Relocation Special

Are You Considering a Relocation or Renovation?

DAWSON Telecom Can Simplify the Telephone System and Service Move for You!!

  • Prepare the new location
  • Re-locate or replace your telephone system
  • Coordinate the move of your services

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    Prepare the new location


    We will inspect all of the cable in your new location and advise you on what is usable and what needs to be replaced. If we are able to re-use the existing cable to save you money … we will advise you of that. If you need to instal new cable, or upgrade what is there we will let you know. If you are moving into a new building and need a complete cabling job we can visit the site or examine the electrical drawings and provide you a complete cabling solution.



    Allow us to inspect your current system and advise you as to whether you can simply move the old system or if a new system would be advisable. There have been many changes and advancements in the telephone world and unified communications has taken a large step forward. We will analyze the way that you use your phone system and determine which is the most beneficial way for you to proceed with your telephone system. If a new system is advised, we will provide firm business reasons for that determination.



    Dawson Telecom will communicate with your telephone service provider, Telus, Bell, Shaw, and coordinate the move of your services. All telephone lines and internet services will be included in this move. We can also look at the services that you are currently using and see if there is a better solution for you. We might even find a way for you to save money on your monthly phone bill. SIP trunks are extremely reliable now, and usually come with Canada wide long distance included. This could bring you significant savings on your monthly phone bill.

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