Expansion Module
Extension Card Digital Station 16

Avaya IP500 Digital Station 16 This expansion module provides for up to 16 additional digital stations attached to the system. Compatible handsets include 5402 5410 5420, 2402 2410 2420 etc Telephones can be located up to 1km from the control unit. For extensions located “out-of-the-building” additional line protection will be needed. For more information on…

Extension Card Digital Station 30

PO 500 Digital Station 30 module can be used to add additional DS ports to an IP Office system. This expansion module provides for up to 30 additional Digital Station (DS) ports for selected Avaya 2400, 4400, 5400, 6400 series phones and 3810 wireless phones. Telephones can be located up to 1km from the control…

Extension Card Digital Station 8


IP Office IP500 Extension Card Phone 2

The IP500 Phone 2 Extension Card (700431778) provides two analog extension ports for the connection of analog phones. Connect up to 2 Analog Station Sets Can be fitted with IP Office 500 Daughter Trunk Card Maximum of 4 per IP500 Control Unit Accepts 1 IP Office 500 Trunk Daughter Card (any type)

IP Office IP500 V2 Combo Card ATM4 V2 TAA
IP Office IP500V2 Combo Card ATM V2

The IP Office IP500V2 Combination Card ATM V2 combines digital stations, analog station and trunk ports with VCM resources in a single cost effective card for your IP500V2 system. IP Office IP500V2 Combination Card Features: 4 analog CO lines on ATM4U 6 Digital Station ports 2 Phone ports (Analog) 10 VCM channels IP500V2 only Maximum…

J100 Expansion Module 24

Avaya JEM24 Features Provides 24 additional line/feature buttons for your Avaya J169 or J179 IP phone Each button has a dual red/green indicator When a single JEM24 is connected, it offers 3 x 24 pages of buttons; when multiple JEM24s are connected, each offers a single page of 24 buttons Provides color display when connected…

VCM 32 Base Card

The Avaya IP500 VCM 32 V2 Base Card provides voice compression channels for your Avaya IP500 system. Voice compression channels are required when using IP trunk or IP endpoint applications. Avaya IP500 VCM 32 V2 Features Provides 32 voice compression channels – Used for VoIP calls Provides 4 RJ45 ports – Can be fitted with…